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BA (Hons) Management (Theatre and Screen) Course Overview BA (Hons) Management (Theatre and Screen)  Course Overview

This course enables you to pursue a career in the management of theatre, film, TV and digital content creation. We focus on building industry-ready, practical skills, experiences and contacts to enable you to thrive in the industry in any role, from producers, agents and casting directors to location managers, marketers and social media managers.

You start your training by learning essential transferrable management skills, before you specialise in your second and third year as you develop your expertise. In your third year you undertake a three-month placement or an independent enterprise project that reflect your ambition and enable you to build experience, expertise and contacts. You graduate as an agile manager with expertise across theatre and screen. You will have developed an impressive portfolio of creative, engaging and enterprising projects that you have managed and delivered.

This programme title is subject to approval by LJMU. Approved Programme information will appear here by the end of September 2024.

What You Will


  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Student


    "The course is highly practical. You create a business plan and are then given the chance to manage that as a real project. That, and working on outside projects, gave you the confidence to know that you could do it and I don’t think you get that anywhere else."

    Chris Meehan - Vice President of Royalty Management Services Sentric Music/Utopia (Graduated 2006)

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  • Student


    "I had access to hands on, real world industry experience and I wasn’t waiting for my first job to apply my new skills. The education I received has been completely invaluable."

    Beth Hogan - Project coordinator, Home of Metal (Graduated 2010)

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  • Student


    "Everything you’re taught is transferable to the area you want to work in. The key thing that the course offers you is the breadth of opportunities to work out what takes your fancy, what you’re good at, and how to get better at things."

    Molly Johnson - Senior Creative Executive, Sentric Music (Graduated 2021)

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  • Student


    "Liverpool a great place to take risks. There is a lot more room for new ideas and new promoters here than there might be in London or Manchester."

    Abby Meysenberg - Director, Bed and Breakfast Live Music, BA (Hons) Management of Music, Entertainment, Theatre and Events (Graduated 2020)

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  • Student


    "LIPA’s Management degree is a very entrepreneurial program. And to me, that’s the cornerstone of producing, figuring out how to manage a business and other people and situations and projects. I really learned the foundation of those skills while I was at LIPA."

    Lynette Howell Taylor - (Graduated 2000)

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How You Will


  • Masterclass
  • Group Work
    Group Work
  • Independent study
    Independent study
  • Workshops
  • Tutorials
  • Lectures

How You Will Be


You will be assessed through practical, verbal, and written work, including such things as presentations, tutor observation of your practical work, essays, short reports and evaluations, open book tests, spoken ‘viva’ reports and in your final year, a research-based project, which can be either a traditional written dissertation, or a more ‘practice-based’ project. All of your assignment tasks are designed to be relevant to and reflective of the work and knowledge you may be expected to engage with as a professional within the Creative Industries and Performing Arts. During your time as a Management student at LIPA, you will devise, produce, manage, and deliver a range of projects and creative products, taking on an increasing amount of individual responsibility for your work as you progress through each year.

Practical/Academic work ratio

50% practical assignments / 50% academic assignments


LIPA aims to have probationary degree awarding powers from September 2025 (subject to Office for Students approval). This is an exciting step, allowing us to take full control of our curriculum and course portfolio. In the unlikely event LIPA does not achieve probationary degree awarding powers, our degrees will be validated by Liverpool John Moores University.

What Our

Graduates Do

LIPA graduates from this course work in the creative and performing arts industries in event
management, theatre production, organising arena tours, managing and representing music artists, marketing, publishing, promotion, video production and managing social media. Their career achievements have included:

Tabitha Hughes (2022)

Production assistant, Bolton Octagon Theatre.

Patrick Joseph (2022)

Marketing intern (paid), EMI Records.

George Pomford (2022)

Creative assistant, Sentric Music Publishing.

Emma Clarke (2021)

Talent and resource assistant, ITV.

Michaela Munden (2021)

Researcher, This Morning, ITV.

Paige Bithell (2019)

Business development representative at Soho Music.

Joshua Davies (2018)

TV marketing executive for Viacom CBS, with the focus on Channel 5 and its digital channels.

Liam McMullan (2017)

Theatre producer with GBL Productions.

Hannah Pearce (2017)

Visitor services manager at Birmingham Hippodrome.

Tom Hendrick Uebelgunn (2017)

Product manager for Universal Music, Germany.

Ashley True (2016)

Production supervisor at The O2 for AEG.

James Pyrah (2015)

Head of marketing & ticketing for The Warehouse Project and Parklife festival.

Max Emmerson (2015)

Producer, Leeds Playhouse.

Lauren Zawadzki (2014)

Co-founder of award-winning event company Deco Publique, which was crowned Lancashire’s Cultural Organisation of the Year in 2019.

Chris Meehan (2006)

Vice President of Royalty Management Services Sentric Music/Utopia

Vanessa Bakewell (2001)

Head of music, Facebook

Ed Millett (2001)

Co-founder of artist management company, Tap Music. Clients include Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey.




UCAS tariff points required from level 3 qualifications

For example:

  • A Levels at grade C, C, and C or above
  • BTEC Extended Diploma: MMM  
  • BTEC Diploma: DD
  • UAL Extended Diploma: M
  • T Level: P (C+) 
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma: Pass including 96 points from Higher Level subjects

You also need 5 GCSEs grade 4/C or above including English and Maths or Level 2 equivalents.

Mature applicants (aged 21+): if you do not hold the qualifications listed but have relevant work experience, you are welcome to apply. Your application will be considered on an individual basis.


IELTS or above

You need to meet our English language requirement - a minimum of IELTS 5.5 for each of the 4 individual components (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening). We also accept other English language examination equivalents. You can find out more about English Language requirements here 

You also need academic qualifications at the same level as UK applicants. You can find out more about qualifications from specific countries here

Mature applicants (aged 21+). If you do not hold the academic qualifications but have relevant work experience, you are welcome to apply.  

Educational qualifications are important but limited in what they can tell us about you.

Your natural ability, your fit with what and how we teach, your growth and your potential are also key factors in our admission process. We can’t evaluate these solely on your educational achievements, so no matter which course you are applying for, we look for the following attributes on your application and at the interview stage.




Knowledge, Ability and Experience

We’d like you to tell us about any experience you have of managing music, entertainment, theatre or event projects. This might include promoting gig or club nights, managing a band, providing front of house or box office support for performances or helping organise other aspects of projects and events.



We’re keen to hear about any management experience you have outside your school qualifications. Tell us about any extra-curricular projects at school or college or if you have volunteered or gained work experience at a local theatre, arts centre, music venue, festival or radio station. If you’ve organised your own event then tell us about this. We understand that distance or cost may have made this difficult, so sometimes telling us how you’ve shown commitment and enterprise in gaining experience can be enough.


Ability To Work Effectively with Others

While you’re with us (and in your professional work) you’ll work with a range of people including students, teachers and industry professionals, so it’s essential that you can work well with others. We’d like to see that you can take direction and feedback well, listen to others and offer support and constructive feedback.


Broad Interest and Engagement

We look for evidence that you are curious about the world around you and want to engage with all aspects of the course you’re applying for and the wide range of opportunities we offer.



We’d like to know why you’re applying to us and how you think the course you’re applying for will help you to grow and achieve your career aspirations. We’d like to see that you understand your strengths and weaknesses and how we can support you.


A Spirit of Enterprise

We want you to be able to work on your own initiative and see that you’re interested in creating your own opportunities. You may have been involved in creative projects which weren’t part of your regular school/college curriculum, or if you haven’t had the chance to do this, you might have ideas and ambitions which you can tell us about.

  • "At LIPA raw talent is refined with expert tuition. Inspiration is introduced to technique."

    Steve Lewis
    Music and media consultant. Former deputy managing director of Virgin Records and managing director of Virgin Publishing, CEO of the Music Division of Chrysalis Group

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  • "Your management students know what they are talking about and their employment record is outstanding."

    Nick Starr
    Former executive director, National Theatre; executive director, London Theatre Company

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  • "I developed the foundation for producing during my time there. The Management degree was an invaluable tool to me. I genuinely didn’t think there was anything else out there like it. And I still don’t."

    Lynette Howell Taylor
    Oscar-nominated producer of A Star is Born and LIPA Management graduate

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Course Changes

For information on possible changes to course information, please click here.