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BA (Hons) Acting Course Overview BA (Hons) Acting  Course Overview

We focus on the individual. You are not just an actor, but also an artist. Here you can become an independent, inventive practitioner. 

You can be someone who harnesses what’s unique to you and tackles diverse performance styles across different platforms.

Accreditated By:

Accredited by Federation of Drama Schools Accredited by CDMT

What You Will


  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Student


    "LIPA prepares for your first steps in the professional world. One of the useful skills they teach is how to do a good self-tape. Not only how to approach a scene performance-wise, but also practical stuff like how to make sure your lighting and audio are of a good standard."

    Amy Murphy - Joined the cast of BBC’s Holby City in 2021, playing the regular role of nurse Kylie Maddon. (Graduated 2020)

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  • Student


    "At LIPA we were always told to live in the moment, and I try to take that with me every day. It’s so helpful with TV work because at times everything comes at you so fast. Every day is different, you have to just adapt and trust yourself."

    Jurell Carter - Plays regular Nate Robinson in Emmerdale for ITV. (Graduated 2016)

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  • Student


    "The discipline that training at LIPA gave me has been invaluable in all the jobs I've done. Being dedicated and as prepared as possible has made the work all that much easier and enjoyable when you get to set and start shooting. "

    Jessica Reynolds - Malva Christie in Outlanders for Starz, title role in feature film The Ballad of Audrey Earnshaw and the pivotal role of Rachael in BBC comedy My Left Nut. (Graduated 2019)

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  • Student


    "You’re really allowed to be yourself and work in the way that you want to work. It means you’re not trying to become someone that you’re not. It really encourages you to have your own identity and I love that about LIPA."

    Lauren Foster - Holby City, BBC (Graduated 2019)

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How You Will


  • Technical Skills Classes
    Technical Skills Classes
  • Workshops
  • Performances
  • Seminars
  • Lectures
  • Independent Study
    Independent Study
  • Group Work
    Group Work
  • Masterclasses

How You Will Be


Your assessment takes place during practical classes and rehearsals, performances and your reflective journals. Overall, assessment is based on applications of technique in performance situations, either in front of an audience or in workshops.

The coursework element is focused on your future career, your working environment and critical life skills. In your third year you undertake an optional practical or written research project. Again, career focused and chosen by you.

Practical/written work ratio

80% practical work / 20% written course work


LIPA aims to have probationary degree awarding powers from September 2025 (subject to Office for Students approval). This is an exciting step, allowing us to take full control of our curriculum and course portfolio. In the unlikely event LIPA does not achieve probationary degree awarding powers, our degrees will be validated by Liverpool John Moores University.

What Our

Graduates Do

Working as performers, directors, writers, producers and running their own companies, their career achievements have included:

Amy Murphy (2020)

Joined the cast of BBC’s Holby City in 2021, playing the regular role of nurse Kylie Maddon.

Theo Nate (2020)

Laenor Velaryon in the Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon.

Greg Jones (2019)

Winner of a BBC Carleton Hobbs Bursary Award. Radio credits include Elsinore, Middlemarch, A Charles Paris Mystery and The Archers. Voiced one of the government/NHS COVID-19 information films.

Jessica Reynolds (2019)

Malva Christie in Outlanders for Starz, title role in feature film The Ballad of Audrey Earnshaw and the pivotal role of Rachael in BBC comedy My Left Nut.

Ebony Jonelle (2018)

Appeared in Top Girls at the National Theatre, played Rosalind in the National's As You Like It at Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch. Performed in the UK and Ireland tour of Les Misérables, making her West End debut in the socially-distanced concert performance.

Sade Malone (2018)

TV roles in BBC comedy My Left Nut, The Queen and I and Casualty. Recorded multiple radio dramas for the BBC and was nominated for best debut in the 2020 BBC Audio Drama Awards.

Joelle Brabban (2017)

Played Emilie in the national tour of War Horse and leading roles in the 2019 season of Theatre by the Lake. Recent credits include Derby Theatre’s Little Mermaid online and online reading of The Odyssey with Jermyn Street Theatre.

Rachelle Diedricks (2017)

Played Debbie in Take That musical The Band UK tour and West End and was a member of the cast of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, West End.

Ash Matthews (2017)

The ABC Murders and Doctors for the BBC and The Alienist for Netflix.

Stephen Smith (2017)

Established Threedumb Theatre with other graduates, they produced Six Plays One Day, a showcase for new writing at Tristan Bates Theatre. His credits include the acclaimed one-man show Dog/Actor. Streamed a series of performances during lockdown including 2021 OnComm finalist, Within.

Jurell Carter (2016)

Plays regular Nate Robinson in Emmerdale for ITV.

Leanne Best (2002)

Cold Feet for ITV, Tin Star for Sky Atlantic and Line of Duty and Four Lives for the BBC.

Jamie Lloyd (2002)

Artistic director of Jamie Lloyd Company.

Adam Penford (2001)

Artistic director, Nottingham Playhouse





UCAS tariff points required from level 3 qualifications

For example:

  • Two A Levels at grade C or above
  • BTEC Extended Diploma: MPP  
  • BTEC Diploma: MM
  • T level: P (D or E)
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma: Pass including 64 points from Higher Level subjects

You also need 5 GCSEs grade 4/C or above including English and Maths or Level 2 equivalents.

Mature applicants (aged 21+): if you do not hold the qualifications listed but have relevant work experience, you are welcome to apply. Your application will be considered on an individual basis.


IELTS or above

You need to meet our English language requirement - a minimum of IELTS 5.5 for each of the 4 individual components (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening). We also accept other English language examination equivalents. You can find out more about English Language requirements here 

You also need academic qualifications at the same level as UK applicants. You can find out more about qualifications from specific countries here

Mature applicants (aged 21+). If you do not hold the academic qualifications but have relevant work experience, you are welcome to apply.  

Educational qualifications are important but limited in what they can tell us about you.

Your natural ability, your fit with what and how we teach, your growth and your potential are also key factors in our admission process. We can’t evaluate these solely on your educational achievements, so no matter which course you are applying for, we look for the following attributes on your application and at the interview stage.




Knowledge, Ability and Experience

We’d like you to have some performance experience in more than one acting genre as this shows us you’re interested in becoming a versatile actor. If you have some ability in directing or writing, we’d be interested to know about this, although these aren’t essential for entry on to the course.



We’re keen to hear about how much acting you are doing outside your school qualifications. Tell us about any extra-curricular performance(s) at your school or college, with a youth theatre or amateur dramatic group or perhaps at a professional level. We understand that distance or cost may have stopped you from gaining formal experience, so we also like to read what you have done to connect to acting (for example: reading or seeing other people act).


Ability To Work Effectively with Others

While you’re with us (and in your professional work) you’ll work with a range of people – students, teachers and industry professionals, so it’s essential that you can work well with others. We’d like to see that you can take direction and feedback well, listen to others and offer support and constructive feedback.


Broad Interest and Engagement

We look for evidence that you are curious about the world around you and want to engage with all aspects of the course you’re applying for and the wide range of opportunities we offer.



We’d like to know why you’re applying to us and how you think the course you’re applying for will help you to grow and achieve your career aspirations. We’d like to see that you understand your strengths and weaknesses and how we can support you.


A Spirit of Enterprise

We want you to be able to work on your own initiative and see that you’re interested in creating your own opportunities. You may have been involved in creative projects which weren’t part of your regular school/college curriculum, or if you haven’t had the chance to do this, you might have ideas and ambitions which you can tell us about.

  • "When I met LIPA students, I was struck by their commitment to continual improvement to develop their craft. "

    Woody Harrelson
    Actor, writer, director, producer

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  • "LIPA is serious about actor training. The students are committed, keen and smart. And training alongside musicians, dancers and technical crew gives them an invaluable sense of the profession as a whole. "

    Samuel West
    Actor, director and artistic director

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  • "I occasionally go into schools and universities and sometimes students can be a little bit shy and they hold back, but there’s clearly an atmosphere here of being on the front foot."

    Simon Armitage
    Poet Laureate

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Course Changes

For information on possible changes to course information, please click here.