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FutureProof festival showcases LIPA's creative talents

Tuesday 07 May 2024

FutureProof festival showcases LIPA's creative talents

FutureProof is a performance festival showcasing the creative talents of our final year BA Acting and BA Acting (Screen and Digital) students. The festival takes place over three days at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool and features both live and recorded performances from emerging companies and performers. Keep scrolling to find out more about some of the upcoming shows.

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Table for Two Theatre - Dead Good Party

Dead Good Party posterDead Good Party

At the Sizzling Sausage Slaughterhouse Inn, preparations are underway for a big function, tables are set, decorations are up, and staff are ready to welcome guests with big smiles. A day that seems like a piece of cake, could be a recipe for disaster.

Dead Good Party is on at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool, on 30 May at 6pm and 31 May at 2pm. 

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Table for Two Theatre - The Company

"Everyone goes out – whether that’s for food, a drink or even a simple coffee. Table for Two Theatre explores the ins and outs of hospitality, what you see and don’t see. We hope to share our experiences in this industry including its ups and downs with a satiric, and comedic take on “DEAD GOOD PARTY”. It’s theatre for everyone, even if you are that certain customer who orders an espresso martini 2 minutes before closing."

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Hit the Deck Theatre - And For My Next Trick

Hit the Deck posterAnd For My Next Trick

With the arrival of some mysterious envelopes, four magicians and a personal assistant arrive at an empty warehouse to take part in a magic competition with a huge cash prize. But it is quickly revealed that all is not as it seems, as they have to compete not only against each-other, but also confront their pasts. 

And For My Next Trick is a dark comedy filled with twists, turns, tragedy and trickery that will leave you guessing until the very end. 

And For My Next Trick is on at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool, on 30 May at 12pm and 1 June at 3pm. 

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Hit the Deck Theatre - The Company

"Hit The Deck Theatre is a brand new northern based theatre company, built around shocking twists that change the way we view traditional narrative. Featuring five actors all equally versed in writing, directing and producing, we aim to produce theatre that will shock you, whilst keeping you laughing for the entire ride. We believe there is a consistent place for dark comedy in the theatre world, and our goal is to make it an accessible medium for all."

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New World Monkey - The Shoe Tree

The Shoe Tree posterWhat is a Gang? Gang /ɡæŋ/ n. 1. An organised group of criminals. But why aren’t certain groups of people considered gangs? Our immersive & multimedia production of The Shoe Tree, combining film and live theatre, challenges the common stereotypes associated with typical gangs by flipping them on their head and targeting the people who don’t want you to think of them as gangs…

The Shoe Tree is on at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool, on 31 May at 7pm and 1 June at 11am. 

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New World Monkey - The Company

"This company was founded from our collective love for both film and theatre. While all previously working on a multimedia immersive, unnaturalistic and dark piece called “The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui’ back in the second year where the natural lines of the theatre were broken and thrown away. It was from this ‘The Shoe Tree’ narrative and creation began. We invite you to embark and prepare to be immersed into a world where unpredictability reigns supreme. This is not merely a performance to be observed; it is an experience to be felt and to take part in. "

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Eli Cusworth - My Place

My Place posterMy Place revolves around Alex, an acting graduate who has seemingly given up on pursuing the performing arts. That is, however, until he meets Actor, a figment of his imagination set on reigniting Alex's passion and securing his success. But things are easier said than done when you're a queer, working class northerner. Or should I say- easier rapped than done? This one-person, rap musical, short film is a whirlwind of emotions with whacky numbers and even whackier characters.

My Place is being shown at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool, as part of the FutureProof festival.

"My style of writing and performance can be described as northern wit with queer, camp, grit. I'm inspired by queer culture, Youtube sketches, reality TV, and animation. I'm always looking to address current issues- unafraid of what other people think- but doing so in a way that is silly, stupid, clever, and always extra. More is more and tacky is tasteful with this queer northerner. And this short film is no exception."

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Northern Spirit Productions - The Finish Line

The Finish Line posterNorthern Spirit Productions are proud to present The Finish Line. A new short play set in the heart of Manchester. Discover the movement that started it all. The Hacienda. Why was this club so big and what made it have the name it still does to this day? We show how the culture of the north has played a massive part in all of our lives and what we in particular, love about it. Get your dancing shoes on and come try a sip of Northern Spirit, buckle up and enjoy the trip.

The Finish Line is on at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool, on 30 May at 7pm and 1 June at 12pm. 

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Northern Spirit Productions - The Company

"Northern Spirit aims to amplify young Northern actors' voices and injects our productions with a sense of fun, reflecting the vibrant spirit of our region. As Northerners ourselves, our lived experiences shape every aspect of the play. The memories of our parents attending The Hacienda, their tales of exhilaration and camaraderie amidst its neon-lit dance floor, ignited the spark that fuelled the creation of 'The Finish Line', infusing the show with a deep sense of familial heritage and Northern pride. We’re not just telling a story – we're sharing a piece of our Northern hearts with the world, one dance move at a time!"

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Double Denim - A(rt is) I(rrelevant)

A(rt is) I(rrelevant) posterA(rt is) I(rrelevant)

The actors are on strike (not us, the characters, it would be a really short show otherwise) due to the threat of being replaced by AI. The executives don’t give a shit - they're quite bored of actors or as they call them ‘thrift shop clad junkies pretending to be A24 material’.

‘THE ALGORITHM’ replaces actors, filling their roles in film and TV with 4 grotesque AI caricatures of female archetypes. But these AI’s have feelings too, and it looks like history is going to repeat itself.

A(rt is) I(rrelevant) is on at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool, on 31 May at 8pm and 1 June at 4pm. 

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Double Denim - The Company

"Everyone says ‘Write what you know’ and being five young women at drama school, we know about show business and the challenges that come with it. Our company aims to use farcical comedy as a vessel to explore social-political themes: our debut show A(rt is) I(rrelevant) we present themes of artificial intelligence and how it interacts/disrupts women's representation in media.
We take our work seriously but never ourselves, striving to create shows that are as much fun to watch as it is to devise. At least once a day we ask ‘Can we push this further’. We run our company with a non-hierarchical setup, valuing collaboration and group input.
Join ‘Double Denim’ theatre company as we laugh in the face of impending doom and walk headstrong into the changing modern landscape of show business with the best tools we have: Rhianna songs and bad puns.

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Open Hole Productions - A Sheep among Wolves

A Sheep among WolvesA Sheep among Wolves

The year is 2040. The leaders of the world have gathered to decide the future of the planet’s trajectory. Food is scarce, war is constant, there are epidemics every year and the social gap has never been wider. Revolution is inevitable. The world needs four highly trained, competent individuals to save humanity. Unfortunately, they were busy, so we’ve had to settle for these four instead. Can they save the world? Probably not, but they’ll try their best.

A Sheep among Wolves is on at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool, on 30 May at 2pm and 31 May at 6pm.

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Open Hole Productions - The Company

"We believe that theatre should have an impact on their audience. With our shows, we want members of the audience leaving the auditorium with lots of thoughts and questions in their head about what they’ve just witnessed. With this particular piece, we want people to question the meaning of free will. However, the way we pose this question will be through experimenting with several different types of theatre, and rather humorous escapades, to ensure that our audience still has fun while watching the piece, despite hopefully taking something more meaningful away with them."

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Deadline Productions - Things That Get Weird

Things That Get Weird posterDeadline Productions proudly presents ‘Things That Get Weird’ written by Joanna Nsianguana and Tovah and directed by Sophia Augst

A short play set in a small quaint town. Alice, a young woman who recently moved away from home, meets Bobby and Kathy, an extroverted couple who invite her over to dinner where… things get weird. This show is a roller coaster of events and emotions so strap in for the ride! Be ready for this journey of comedy, choreography, and possibly… a bit of psychological thrill.

Hope to catch you all at dinner! - Bobby and Kathy

Things That Get Weird is on at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool, on 30 May at 8pm and 31 May at 12pm. 

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Deadline Productions - The Company

"Deadline Productions is a company of three women who are passionate about devising out-of-the-box theatre whilst utilising our skillsets in physical theatre and an intriguing combination of naturalism and non-naturalism.
By exploring the intersection of reality and imagination, we aim to spark dialogue, ignite curiosity, and leave a lasting impression on our audience. Through our collaborative process and dedication to artistic experimentation, we strive to create theatre that resonates deeply with viewers, inviting them to engage with complex themes and perspectives in new and unexpected ways.

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Triple Trouble Theatre - Dolorem

Dolorem posterDolorem

Grief is a struggle that we all must face within our lives, but how we cope with it is what really defines us.

After Sarah is faced with the potential of losing everything, she meets a young woman, Rachel, outside of the hospital. To the outside world Rachel becomes a guardian angel to Sarah, but behind closed doors Rachel is struggling with her own demons and dark secrets.

How long can someone hide from their past before it eventually finds them?

Dolorem is on at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool, on 30 May at 3pm and 31 May at 11am. 

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Triple Trouble Theatre - The Company

"Triple Trouble Theatre is an all female theatre company with the aim of creating work that raises awareness for real life issues that many people face, and are often too scared or ashamed to admit or seek help for due to the taboo society has placed upon them. We want to highlight these issues and show people that they are never alone, as much as they might feel like it, when facing these issues. We aim to show that not everyone reacts to problems and adversities in the same way, and universal issues will affect everyone differently, and so we encourage people to be kind and patient with one another as you never truly know what someone is going through. At all of our performances and on our social media we will be promoting charities and services that are available to help people who are facing the issues raised in our show, on leaflets or in our Instagram bio."

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