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Graduating Actors 2024

We're thrilled to introduce our LIPA Actors 2024.

Please see our What's On webpage for upcoming production information across our Spring/Summer season.

If you're an agent, casting director or industry professional, and would like to attend our London & Manchester Graduating Actors 2024 Showcases or be added to our mailing list, please contact to receive all digital materials and upcoming events information.

Will Hammond
Director of the School of Performance

Lucy Assassa

Sophia Augst

Ina Aura

Griffyn Bellah

Harry Belton

Ava Benkova

Sally Britton

Tom Browning

Bartley Burke

Anna-Elise Clain

Joey Colasante

Juliette Collins

Ami Cruwys

Eli Cusworth

Emma Espada

Sophie Faulkner

Samuel George-Thomas

Mason Guthrie

Aisha Hemissi-Liu

Lyud Hristov

Alexcia Hume

Lucas Kamp

Anastasiya Jouri

Emma Cæcilie Kristensen

Kolade T Ladipo

Bethany Lawton

Colenso Le Berre

Dafydd Leonard

Katherine Liley

Maximilian Lovegrove

Aidan Maj

Patricia McLaughlin


Lucy Mynard

Lucie Nagle

Joanna Nsianguana

Cerian Owens

Christian Otzen

Mia Parnaby

Ezzie Polat

Jack Popely

Raphael Santiago

Inés Sawday

Rio Star

Hosanna Starkey


Charlie Ann Upton

Chardonnay Vasiana

Grace Venus

Emma Wallace