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Graduating Actors 2023

We're thrilled to introduce our LIPA Actors 2023.

Please see our What's On webpage for upcoming production information across our Spring/Summer season.  

If you're an agent, casting or industry professional, and would like to attend our London & Manchester Graduating Actors 2023 Showcase or be added to our mailing list please contact to receive all digital materials and upcoming events information. 

Our showcase were held on:  

London Showcase
Tuesday 23rd May
Leicester Square Theatre 

Manchester Showcase
Friday 26th May 2023
Royal Exchange Theatre

Will Hammond
Director of the School of Performance

Nairn Archer

Allie Aylott

Nicholas Baker

Kimberley Beecroft

Joseph Bellis

Katrine Bennie

Adam Berimbau

Ben Blais

Alanah Bloor

Eleanor Boes

Poppy Byers

Maddie Butera

Cameron Butler

Sebastian Clewlow

Elliott Culpepper

Warren Cummings

Rachel-Anne Dennison

Tesni Docherty-Bowen

Conor Donovan

Hannah Dootson

Libby Dove

Georgia Elle

Matheea Ellerby

Vivel Fredriksen

Lucy-Lou Gallivan

Eva Gaynor-Smith

Freya Griffiths

Diana Halick

Liv Hodder

Jacklyn Jeffries

Alex Kryslur

Caitlin Lawrence

Lott Lee

Bára Lind

Erin-Rose Martin

Chris Masters

Joe Michael-Ward

Myles Milliken

Miles Mooney

Dan Morrissey

Atana Motavali

Robyn Novotny

Brainard Oyani

Keirnan Pacter

Lexie Penhaligon

Sarah Jane Pringle

Kai Rogers

Jack Sinclair

Sarah Sullivan

Tabby Thomas

Eden Tornquist

Hugo Worrall