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MA Music Industry Management Course Overview MA Music Industry Management  Course Overview

Our course enables you to enhance and develop your management skills, so you can navigate the music industry better and capitalise on career opportunities as a manager within the creative industries. It provides a comprehensive and complementary educational and practical experience, combining postgraduate research with the most up to date management practice.

Throughout the course you explore the fundamentals underpinning successful management practice. This includes management theory, artist and product development, entrepreneurship, organisational structures and behaviours, new music business models, music streaming metrics and data insights that inform business decision making.

The curriculum promotes and supports real-world industry engagement and research through career-led practical project work that contributes to your ongoing professional development and personal career planning.

Accreditated By:

Accredited by Billboard Top Music

What You Will


  • Year 1
  • Student


    "It has been an incredible experience studying for the MA. The course has been extremely flexible in that I have been able to adapt and frame the modules to my own professional needs. Over the course of the year, I have learnt more about the industry, test marketed my own business and worked on myself as an artist. There is a strong focus on linking and applying everything that is studied to your career moving forward and coming out of the Masters I am much more knowledgeable and confident."

    Matt Dacombe - (Current Student)

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How You Will


  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Class presentations and discussions
    Class presentations and discussions
  • Independent study
    Independent study
  • Mentoring
  • Supervisions
  • Guest Lecturers
    Guest Lecturers
  • Masterclass

How You Will Be


The course employs a number of relevant assessment strategies: essays, reports, feasibility studies, evaluative presentations, portfolios, plus a dissertation and practice. You are introduced to the principles of documentation and evidence recording in the performing arts so that any insights gained from the embodiment of ideas in practice can be supported or illustrated by data. The course culminates in student led practice based, or research dissertation which require the asking of contemporary key questions.

Practical/written work ratio

50% practical work / 50% reflective work

Alternative formats for written/ reflective work include, evaluative presentations, portfolios, videos blogs, journals.

Validated By:

Liverpool John Moores University

On successful completion of your award, our validating body Liverpool John Moores University will issue you with one certificate. The graduation ceremony for this programme will be arranged by LIPA.

What Our

Graduates Do

Whether you wish to run your own business or work within a music company, the industry knowledge, business understanding and practical skills that you gain from completing this course will provide you with a solid foundation for advancing your music management career. Graduates from this course will be well equipped to succeed in such areas as artist management, music publishing, music recording, tour management, catalogue exploitation, digital marketing and the live music industry.

Ever wondered what our MA Music Industry Management is all about?

MA Music Industry Management Course Leader Keith Mullin and lecturer Eva Petersen explain the teaching behind the title. You will find out what the course entails, whether it suits your professional ambitions and what kind of student benefits from the course. Take a look.



You are expected to have a good degree (2:1 or above) in a relevant discipline or equivalent professional experience

You are expected to have a good degree (2:1 or above) in a relevant discipline or equivalent professional experience. International students also need to meet our English Language requirements of 5.5 overall score for IELTS, with a minimum of 5.5 for each of the 4 individual components (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening). Other equivalent English language examinations will be considered. You can find out more about English Language requirements here

Educational qualifications are important but limited in what they can tell us about you.

Your natural ability, your fit with what and how we teach, your growth and your potential are also key factors in our admission process. We can’t evaluate these solely on your educational achievements, so no matter which course you are applying for, we look for the following attributes on your application and at the interview stage.




Knowledge, Ability and Experience

We would welcome individuals currently working in the industry who want to engage in advanced professional development or graduates from cognate areas who wish to specialise and launch a music industry career. We’d like you to have some experience in working across the broad music industry. If you have experience in rights management, artist management, live events or music marketing we’d be interested to know about this, although it’s not essential for entry on to the course.



We want to know how you have pursued your music industry career and continued to develop your skills throughout. If you are applying to us directly from an undergraduate course, we are interested in how you have been preparing for your future professional career and any relevant experience outside of your course. If you do not have a degree, we want to hear what you have done which demonstrates a depth of knowledge and experience in the music industry that has prepared you for postgraduate study.


Ability To Work Effectively with Others

You’ll be working collaboratively on complex projects, often under pressure. Along with your fellow music industry management students, you’ll work with students from other disciplines, teachers and industry professionals. We want to see that you are able to communicate ideas, respond to feedback thoughtfully and can provide critically informed and considered feedback.     


Broad Interest and Engagement

We look for evidence that you have a natural curiosity and interest in the world around you and are able to draw from a wide range of experiences and influences. We want to see that you are prepared to embrace all of the opportunities that we offer on this course and more broadly within the Institution.



We’d like to know why you’re applying to us and how you think this course will support your development and contribute to your specific career goals. We’d like to see that you have a firm understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, in terms of your professional persona, technical ability and developing your career.


A Spirit of Enterprise

We want to see how you have used your own initiative to create opportunities that have allowed you to further yourself. To some extent, this may have been through work on your undergraduate course, but we would especially like to see that you have worked on independent creative projects outside of any training you may have undertaken.

  • "It is essential to have a forward-thinking approach to educating the next generation as to the ever-changing landscape of the Music Industry and the role of management within that. That is what sets the MA Music Industry Management course in LIPA apart from so many other courses. This is the real deal and works on many levels to ensure those who are enrolled get the best chance of succeeding in this evolving industry"

    Yaw Owusu
    THE PLAYMAKER GROUP and Liverpool International Music Festival

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View the programme specification on the LJMU course catalogue here