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MA Acting Course Overview MA Acting  Course Overview

Our intensive and highly practical MA will enable you to develop and enhance your acting skills to a professional level. Guided by our world-class teaching team you will become part of a creative and collaborative community.

You will hone and develop your acting technique by using a variety of practitioner approaches and techniques across stage, screen, movement, and voice. To extend your range of technical performance skills you will experiment with contemporary stage and screen texts and classical texts, ranging from the Greeks to Shakespeare. Collaborating with leading industry professionals, you will generate an original live studio show and a main house production, plus a digital showcase and industry events in London and Manchester. A final practical research project allows you to interrogate and focus upon an area or aspect of the creative industries to deepen your knowledge and engagement as you embark upon your professional career.

Accreditated By:

Accredited by Federation of Drama Schools Accredited by CDMT


It is with great pleasure that we present our graduating Actors from (MA) for 2024.

MA Graduating Actors

What You Will


  • Year 1
  • Student


    "The course allowed me to find an artistic voice that I didn't know I had. Over the year I was given invaluable opportunities to grow and take risks. I no longer see myself as just an actor but as an artist who wants to carve out her own place in the industry."

    Ruby Shrimpton - (Graduated 2022)

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  • Student


    "I chose LIPA specifically for its student focused agenda. The faculty, staff, and facilities are designed to make you the priority. They truly care for you and their teaching is world class.  LIPA allows you the space to explore new things, combining your strengths with those of the people around you. The MA Acting (Company) course takes the meaning of ensemble to a whole new level.”"

    Joseph Winder - (Graduated 2022)

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  • Student


    "The MA Acting (Company) has helped me to access my creativity quickly and has given me tools to be able to work and collaborate with a variety of different people. Throughout the year, I was able to refine the skills that I received in my undergrad and become a more mature and open-minded actor."

    Bailey Nickerson - (Graduated 2022)

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How You Will


  • Workshops
  • Performances
  • Seminars
  • Lectures
  • Independent study
    Independent study
  • Group Work
    Group Work
  • Masterclass

How You Will Be


Students will be assessed primarily through performance and modes of self-reflection (podcasts, viva, essay, or presentation). We are interested in how you develop yourself as an artist and so all of our assessments are designed to challenge and develop your techniques and to also allow you to reflect and research on the type of artist you wish to become.

Practical/written work ratio

80% practical work / 20% written assignments

Validated By:

Liverpool John Moores University

On successful completion of your award, our validating body Liverpool John Moores University will issue you with one certificate. The graduation ceremony for this programme will be arranged by LIPA.

What Our

Graduates Do

Throughout the year we will work intensively with students so that graduates are well-equipped to immediately apply their acquired specialist skills to performing, directing, writing, and producing for stage, screen and radio.

Some of the outcomes of graduates on our previous course include:

Angela Rose (2021)

Theatre credits include Deborah, The Hunger (Black Bright Theatre Company), Eve, The Last Motel (Sheepish Productions), Titania, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, (Less is More Theatre Company) and Lady Capulet, Romeo and Juliet (Theatre Space North East). Angela also works with arts wellbeing specialists Night Light Theatre CIC co-creating material with service users of the NHS and criminal justice system and as a freelance arts facilitator.

Jaquell Walker (2021)

TV credits include Protection (ITV), Waterloo Road (BBC) and A Gentleman in Moscow (Paramount+). Theatre credits include SealSkin for Tmesis Theatre and two Shakespeare productions for Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin. Jaq has also been cast in TV commercials, worked as a model and for corporate media.



You are expected to have a good degree (2:1 or above) in a relevant discipline or significant practical experience such as professional work.

You are expected to have a good degree (2:1 or above) in a relevant discipline or significant practical experience such as professional work. International students also need to meet our English Language requirements of 5.5 overall score for IELTS, with a minimum of 5.5 for each of the 4 individual components (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening).

Educational qualifications are important but limited in what they can tell us about you.

Your natural ability, your fit with what and how we teach, your growth and your potential are also key factors in our admission process. We can’t evaluate these solely on your educational achievements, so no matter which course you are applying for, we look for the following attributes on your application and at the interview stage.




Knowledge, Ability and Experience

We want to hear about your acting experience to date. This could be in an amateur, professional or educational setting. We would also like you to tell us if you have not had the opportunity to pursue formal training in Acting but come to the course from a related, complementary discipline such as writing, editing, videography or directing. The course welcomes a diverse range of students so let us know how the experience you have fits with your motivation for joining the programme.



We want you to know that you are committed to a career in the performing arts, so please tell us what you have done that demonstrates an advanced interest in acting and becoming an actor. Tell us about any projects that you have initiated or taken part in to achieve career progress. If you are applying to us directly from an undergraduate course, these should be outside of your course.


Ability To Work Effectively with Others

You’ll be working collaboratively on complex projects, often under pressure. Along with your fellow acting students, you’ll work with students from other disciplines, teachers and industry professionals. We want to see that you are able to communicate ideas, respond to direction thoughtfully and can provide critically informed and considered feedback.


Broad Interest and Engagement

We look for evidence that you have a natural curiosity and interest in the world around you and are able to draw from a wide range of experiences and influences in your work. We want to see that you are prepared to embrace all of the opportunities that we offer on this course and more broadly within the Institution.



We’d like to know why you’re applying to us and how you think this course will support your development as an actor and contribute to your specific career goals. We’d like to see that you have a firm understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, both in terms of your methodology and technical ability as an actor and preparing for your future career.


A Spirit of Enterprise

We want to see how you have used your own initiative to create opportunities that have allowed you to further yourself as an actor. To some extent, this may have been through work on your undergraduate course, but we would especially like to see that you have worked on independent creative projects outside of any training you may have undertaken.

View the programme specification on the LJMU course catalogue here