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Our Audio Facilities

George Martin Studio

The George Martin Studio (GMS) is LIPA’s flagship recording studio. Featuring a large control room, allowing hands on masterclasses with visiting practitioners to take place, it is built around an SSL Duality console.

Recording Studio 1

Studio 1 may be LIPA’s smallest studio, but that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in power. Built around an SSL AWS900, it is optimised for small-scale music tracking, over-dubbing and mixing, with carefully selected outboard equipment and a ProTools HDX system.

Recording Studio 2

Studio 2 is primarily designed as a post-production mix stage, although we’ve made it flexible enough to use for music mixing and tracking as well.

Recording Studio 3

Studio 3 is one of two ‘entry level’ studios, used primarily for first year teaching. A 32 channel Audient ASP8024 is at the heart of the studio, accompanied by a range of outboard including microphone pre-amplifiers, dynamic processors and FX units.

Recording Studio 4

Studio 4 is almost identical to Studio 3 – and features the same ASP8024 console and outboard selection.

Recording Studio 5

Studio 5 is one of two studios that are optimised for working in sound to picture.

Live Sound Facilities

While each of the performances spaces will have its own basic installed sound system, the reality is that every show or event is different, and so a large stock of live sound equipment is available from a central store to be specified and used by students.

Digital Audio labs

LIPA has three off-line labs, each of which houses 11 iMac workstations along with monitoring and projection facilities. These labs are used to teach ‘in the box’ production.

Broadcast and Mobile Recording

Some activities, by necessity, have to move to where they’re needed rather than being in a fixed location. LIPA has a range of fully-flight cased mobile ready to do the job.