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Tribute to Music student Daniel Young

Tuesday 04 April 2023

Tribute to Music student Daniel Young

We are devastated to hear of the death of Music student Daniel Young. 

Dan joined us in 2019 on the BA (Hons) Music degree. A talented pianist and multi-instrumentalist, he was a popular and much-loved member of the LIPA community. Marco Rodriguez studied with Dan and says he had an immediate and lasting impact on his fellow students. “Everyone I speak to from LIPA in the past couple of years seems to have their own personal experiences of Dan’s kindness and generosity. 

“Within months of our friendship, I was astounded by Dan’s relentlessly selfless attitude and strong desire to light up the lives of those around him.” 

As well as his kindness, Dan – who took leave of absence from LIPA in 2021 - was also well known for his sense of fun as Marco explains. “Dan was hysterical, even if not always meaning to be. Whether it be some outlandish insights, an improvised parody song played on his piano at 4am or a silly prank, not many people could make me laugh like Dan.” 

Luke Dolphin, who also studied with Dan, agrees. “Whenever we were down, he would always be the one picking us up. He gave everything he could for his friends and enhanced the lives of so many with his infectious laughter, hilarious sense of humour and beautiful piano covers.” 

Music (Songwriting & Performance) graduate Claudette Girvin describes Dan as a beautiful person. “He had a way of connecting with people that was rare. Anyone who was lucky enough to meet Dan would always have kind words to say. I feel greatly blessed that I could call him a friend.” 

Aidan Petersen, Music graduate, spent time with Dan during the pandemic and says he helped him through the lockdowns. “My fondest memories of Dan were our wild and random excursions to places like Goole, Rhyl or Whaley Bridge. These were a nice break from the monotony of lockdown.  

“Even in the worst of times, Dan would still put a smile on our faces with his iconic giggly laugh and shenanigans.” 

Tilly McTigue, Music (Songwriting & Production) graduate, sums up the feeling of gratitude shared by those lucky enough to have known him, “Dan, thank you for lighting up the room with your smile and making everyone feel good about themselves when they needed it most!  

“I cannot believe you’re gone. We love and miss you so much. Rest in power Dan.” 

Our thoughts are with Dan’s loved ones and friends at this tragic time.