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Profile: new music directory - MusicSeen

Wednesday 05 June 2024

Profile: new music directory - MusicSeen

Nina Himmelreich, visiting lecturer and Music graduate (2018) 

MusicSeen was born out of the desire to represent all the incredible musical talent that Liverpool has to offer. We wanted to create the ‘Yellow Pages’ of the local music scene, to make all relevant information easily accessible to everyone. The goal was to enable musicians and industry professionals to find collaborators, local music fans to discover new music, and music tourists to not only engage with Liverpool’s music legacy but also enjoy the breadth of current talent the city has to offer.  

This is where our website MusicSeen comes in, hosting a database of over 2,000 local musicians, hundreds of industry professionals, up-to-date music events, and Spotify new release playlists.  

My co-director and fellow LIPA graduate Connor Di Leo (Management, 2018) and I fell in love with Liverpool’s vibrant music community when we first came here almost 10 years ago. LIPA, with its microcosm of what the bigger industry looks like, was the perfect place for us to develop the skillset we are employing to run our CIC today. It was also the place we first met each other, and a lot of the musicians and creatives we still work with and are lucky to be friends with today.  

The pool of musicians is ever growing, changing and developing – particularly due to LIPA and other fantastic music schools constantly attracting new talent.  Consequently, we believe Liverpool’s music scene is one of a kind, constantly evolving with the addition of new talent, but still small enough for everyone to feel connected. This is what inspired us to start our project. We wanted to capture this magic and create a visual representation and (most importantly) record of the musicians and music industry professionals in the city. We were also inspired by our belief that the community aspect gives us all power - and together we can make our scene an even better and stronger one.  

This is what we have achieved with our website, but our work doesn’t stop there. We are working towards a video platform, showcasing all the great music videos here, a jobs board to enable people to hire locally, a ticketing system and a grassroots music conference.  

We are hoping and planning to collaborate with LIPA on some of these projects in the future and invite all students and graduates to submit their musical project to our database on 


Image: Nina and Connor Di Leo