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LIPA students and graduates collaborate on new dance show

Monday 20 May 2024

LIPA students and graduates collaborate on new dance show

Less Than a Chair is a new dance show debuting at LIPA before heading to the Theater am Gleis in Winterthur, Switzerland, in June 2024.

Rehearsals for Less than a ChairThe show is a poignant retelling of a dark chapter in Swiss history. It explores the Verdingkind practice of taking young children from their parents and sending them to live with new families. Through the medium of dance, Less Than a Chair captures the trauma of separation, the abuses suffered in foster care, and the emotional aftermath these children faced.

Less Than a Chair is created, written and choreographed by final year LIPA dancer, Margaux Eckert. Margaux described the importance of the piece:

The inspiration behind creating this show stems from my grandmother's resilience and strength, having grown up as a 'verdingkind' in Switzerland. Witnessing her ability to overcome such trauma and achieve remarkable success in life has been truly inspiring. This personal connection to my family's history, intertwined with Switzerland's past, serves as a driving force in bringing this story to light.”

The show is a true collaboration of LIPA talents. Margaux is joined as a performer by five other final-year dancers: Cordelia Cremin, Myla Domracheva, Iri Kristiansen, Lizzie Parker, and Molly Richards. Joining the performers are composer Jack Coombes (Music, 2022/23), Costume Designer Maya Heritage (Theatre & Performance Design, 2022/23), Lighting Designer & Technical Stage Manager Thomas Maries (Theatre & Performance Technology, 2023/24), and Producers Belinda Matthews and Iona Murray-Brown (both Management, 2023/24).

Less Than a Chair debuts at LIPA in two private showings at the end of May. It will then have its public premiere at the Theater am Gleis in Winterthur, Switzerland on 14 and 15 of June.

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About Margaux Eckert:

Margaux Eckert grew up in Winterthur and took her first dance steps there. At sixteen, she began her basic training as a professional stage dancer at cfpart in Geneva. This summer, she will graduate with a Bachelor (Hons) in Dance from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Art (LIPA). Her passion is not only for dance but also for choreography. During her studies, she had the opportunity to present her own small pieces at semester shows, in music videos, and at local events. Her particular interest lies in the dance interpretation of socio-political themes. She aims to offer professional dance to the audience and at the same time stimulate discussion and reflection. She especially appreciates the extended opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration at LIPA, which allows young artists to tackle ambitious projects like "less than a chair" together on a personal basis.

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