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UK applicants should apply online via UCAS.

Applications for 2023 entry can be submitted from 6 September 2022 and the deadline is 25 January 2023 at 18:00 (UK time).

You will need the following codes to apply: 

  • UCAS course code: W461
  • UCAS institution code: LIVIN
  • UCAS institution number: L48
This course was previously titled BA (Hons) Theatre & Performance Technology


Apply via UCAS
International Students

International Students

Applicants outside the UK can either apply via our online portal or via UCAS.

Applications open in early September and there is no deadline for international applicants. However, you should be aware that the majority of interview events take place in February and March and places begin to fill up after this time so applying by 25 January is advisable.

Online portal Apply via UCAS

What happens after I have applied? 

Step 1: Our assessment of your application

We’ll review your application and if we think you are on course to meet our entry requirements, we’ll invite you to attend one of our interview events. If you live in the UK, this will be in Liverpool. If you live overseas we will automatically invite you to an online interview, unless we are arranging interviews in your country or a country near to you. If you live overseas and would prefer to travel here to attend an in-person interview, please email


Step 2: Preparing for the interview

We will email you the interview guidelines to help you prepare yourself. You can also find the in-person guidelines in the download below.

BA (Hons) Theatre and Production Technology Interview Guidelines 2023 entry in-person


Step 3: Attending an interview event

At your interview, we want to find out about any experience you have had in theatre and performance technology to date. This could be in stage/production management, sound, lighting, set and prop construction or AV. To help get this conversation started we ask you to present a portfolio of work you have created or been involved in. If your experiences have been limited, don’t let that put you off. You may have experiences that are not theatre and performance technology related that are still highly relevant to the course. We also ask you to bring a brief written review (no longer than 500 words) about a performance you have seen recently, concentrating on reviewing the visual elements and style of the production.

As well as using the interview as a chance to get to know you, we also aim to give you a sense of what it’s like to be a student here and how we teach. There is also plenty of time for you to ask us questions. This helps you to decide whether we are a good fit for you. We understand how nerve-wracking attending interviews can be so whether your event is in-person or online, we will do all we can to help you feel at your ease throughout. A top tip is to read the guidelines through a few times before your interview and to not leave anything until the last minute. This should help you feel much calmer on the day. Please remember, that at your interview event, we’re interested in finding out about you as an individual, so please try to relax, be yourself and enjoy yourself.


Step 4: Communicating our decision

We aim to let you know our decision within three working weeks of the interview. This might be

  • An unconditional offer of a place
  • A conditional offer based on achieving your level 3 qualification grades explained in our entry requirements
  • A notification that your application has been unsuccessful

Our decision will be final. We do not supply feedback to unsuccessful candidates. In many cases, a lack of success is due to the level of competition for places, rather than a specific personal weakness.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens if I miss the deadline for applying?

There is a high demand for places, so if you miss the deadline for your course, please contact our Admissions team at If you are an international student you are not bound by the UCAS deadline and we will be happy to consider your direct application after this date, please contact for more information.

Can I defer entry?

We do not accept applications for deferred entry. However, there are exceptional circumstances when we will consider this, such as cases of compulsory military service for international students.

I have a learning difficulty or disability, will this affect my application?

We value diversity and will welcome your application. If you would like to request a reasonable adjustment as part of the audition/interview process, please contact Howard Ashton, Admissions Manager to discuss this. Email or call +44 (0)151 330 3084.

How much does it cost to apply via UCAS?

The application fee for submitting an application through UCAS for 2023 entry is £27 if applying to more than one university course, or £22.50 for one university choice.

What are the course codes to use on my UCAS application?

Each degree programme has a code number and abbreviation. For our Theatre and Production Technology degree these are W461, BA/TPT. LIPA’s institution code is LIVIN. Our institution number is L48.

How many courses can I apply to?

On your UCAS form, you can apply for up to five choices. You are welcome to apply for more than one degree course here but this will count as another one of your five choices. If you are an international student you can apply directly to us for more than one course.

Is there any support with travel costs to attend the interview?

We offer a travel grant scheme for UK applicants who come from areas where participation in Higher Education is traditionally low. This is based on postcode data, so all eligible candidates, who we wish to invite to an interview will be automatically offered the travel grant (if applicable).