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At LIPA we welcome students from around the world. We have a long history of Norwegian students studying with us, in fact some of our first international students were from Norway, and today students from Norway typically account for one in four of our international students. Here, you will find all you need to know about applying to us as well as hearing from some of our students and graduates.

Meet us in Norway

You can meet us at the following events:

Sandefjord student fair Location: Sandefjord High School Date: 11-12 January 2024 More Information
Stavanger student fair Location: Stavanger Forum Date: 17-18 January 2024 More Information
Bergen student fair Location: Grieghallen Date: 24-25 January 2024 More Information
Trondheim student fair Location: Trondheim Spektrum Date: 1-2 February 2024 More Information
Oslo/Viken student fair Location: NOVA Spektrum (Lillestrøm) Date: 14-15 February 2024 More Information
Music Auditions (all courses) Location: Oslo Date: 16-17 March 2024 More Information
BA (Hons) Dance Auditions Location: Oslo Date: March 2024 More Information
Acting, Musical Theatre and Actor Musicianship Auditions Location: Oslo Date: March 2024 More Information
Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

We audition/interview all candidates before offering places – either in person or online – and this is an important aspect of our selection process. Your qualifications are taken into consideration, before we invite you to audition/interview. 

For entry to an undergraduate course, we typically require you to have completed your Vitnemål fra den Videregående Skole (Leaving Certificate from Upper Secondary School), or equivalent. You do not need to have completed high school at the point of applying to us, but your offer will be conditional on completing and passing the final year. 

For entry to a postgraduate course, we typically require you to have completed an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree that is equivalent to a UK upper second-class degree (also known as a 2:1) or to have significant practical experience such as professional work.

In addition, the UKVI require all students entering the UK to provide evidence of their English language proficiency. For entry to undergraduate courses a Grade 4 or above in English on the Vitnemål, achieved within two years of your application submission date will be sufficient. You do not need to have achieved this at the point of applying to us, but your offer will be conditional on doing so.   

How to apply

You can apply directly to us through our online portal and there is no fee or application deadline. Alternatively, you may choose to apply via UCAS for entry to undergraduate courses only. If you apply via UCAS, we may also require you to submit an additional form before your application can be assessed. Note the equal consideration late January UCAS deadline does not apply to international applicants. 

When you apply via our online portal, you will be asked to list your most recent qualifications and test scores. For example, if your most recent qualification is your Vitnemål for Videregående Opplæring (Upper Secondary Leaving Certificate), you should select “Norway - Vitnemål for Videregående Opplæring (Overall GPA)” from the dropdown menu. You will then be asked if you have completed the qualification and if so, to provide the completion date. If you have already completed your qualification you should upload a photograph/scan of your certificate/transcript to the portal. You can continue to add qualifications by clicking the “Add Qualification” button.

Once your application is submitted, we may reach out to request further information prior to inviting you to audition/interview. 

Auditions/interviews may take place either in person or virtually and you will receive full guidelines to follow attached to your invitation. 

The International Team are on hand to guide you through the application and audition process and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Email:

Fees & Funding

Fees & Funding

Most of our Norwegian students access funding through The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, allocated by Lånekassen. Note Lånekassen will only fund undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA) courses.

  • Student


    "Liverpool is great. It is a large city but it doesn’t feel overwhelming for someone from a smaller city or town. Everything you need is within walking distance."

    Daniel - Tromsø, Norway. Foundation Certificate Acting (Current Student)

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  • Student


    "Never have I experienced so many creative and inspiring people under the same roof. Going to LIPA is truly a Life changing experience!"

    Christoffer - Ulsteinvik, Norway. BA (Hons) Acting (Screen & Digital Media) (Current Student)

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  • Student


    "LIPA was different than anything offered in Norway. It offers such a versatile program and you’ll meet everyone you’ll ever need for a production here."

    Stian - Stange, Norway. BA (Hons) Dance (Current Student)

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