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We audition or interview for all our courses – either in person or online – and this is an important aspect of our selection process. Our audition/interview process a two-way process, so as well as us finding out more about your passion, skills and experience, it is also your opportunity to find out more about us, and if we are a good fit for you. 

When you first submit your application to us, we will review the information provided and assess your suitability for the course, as well as your current or predicted qualifications. We may be in touch to request additional information if needed. Following this, you may be invited to audition/interview. During your audition/interview our friendly and supportive staff will do all they can to put you at ease – remember, we want you to do well.

Typically, over half our international applicants will participate in a live online event using either Microsoft Teams or Zoom. In addition, we host a small number of in-person audition/interview events outside of the UK, details of which are typically listed on the relevant country page on our website. We will invite you to what we consider to be the most suitable option for you, typically based on your location and upcoming audition/interview availability. 

Alternatively international applicants are welcome to attend one of our UK audition/interview events. 

However and wherever you audition, you will be considered equally and fairly – there is no advantage or disadvantage through any method.

We have included some of our most frequently asked questions below. If your question is not answered below, please email

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the format of my audition/interview?

The format will vary depending on the course you are applying to, and if we meet you in person or online. You can find out more on the relevant how to apply course page. 

Will I receive audition/interview guidelines?

When we invite you to an audition/interview event, you will receive audition/interview guidelines which you must follow. The guidelines will tell you what to prepare in advance (if anything) and what to expect on the day. 

When will my audition/interview take place?

Most of our audition/interviews – both in person and online - take place from November to April in advance of our September start date. We audition/interview and make offers on a rolling basis, therefore we always recommend an early application. 

When will I receive an outcome to my audition/interview?

We aim to notify you of the outcome of your audition/interview within three weeks.