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Coronavirus update 17 March 2020

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Coronavirus update 17 March 2020
The reason for stopping scheduled teaching is to allow our teaching staff time to work out revised programmes of study and deliver these on-line where feasible. These should be available in time for next week. Our students will be informed of our plans later this week and are asked to regularly check their LIPA email account.

We are not closing. Public Health England’s ‘Guidance for Educational Settings’ is advising that educational settings, including universities and colleges, stay open. Our buildings and support services are open, so students can have full access, during our usual opening times. This includes rehearsal rooms, sound studios and model making rooms.

This week’s public performances of Kahlo have been cancelled while all future public performances have been postponed until we know if it’s possible to reschedule them safely. All ticket holders will recieve a refund.

Our remaining auditions, interviews and recalls for our undergraduate programmes for 2020 entry are to be carried out by remote submission and/or via Skype. All interviewees and auditionees will be contacted and informed of the process directly.

If any of our students feel ill or are worried, they should not come into LIPA. The current Government advice is clear; if you have a temperature, have a continuous cough or have difficulty in breathing, you should stay in your accommodation for at least 14 days. Our government also advise that everyone in your household should do the same - even if they are not showing symptoms. Any students who are staying away, because of possible illness or anxiety should please inform us of their absence in the usual way.

For the latest coronavirus information please check these official sources:


Public Health England

Liverpool City Council