The Liverpool School of Art

After purchasing this building, we have expanded some of our provision, as well as ease our enduring pressure on space. (Please see images in the main carousel above).

Aside from this, there is the romance. The Liverpool School of Art was, at one time, an annex to our main building and was where John Lennon studied art. So we now have two buildings where Paul, George and John spent time learning.

We’ve completed the main building work, without quite reaching the required funding.

Recognition for donating is a personal choice. Some donors may wish to remain anonymous; some would like recognition of their generosity.

If you wander round our Mount Street building today, you’ll find thank you plaques on the back of seats in what is now The Paul McCartney Auditorium, above doors leading to a variety of rooms and on the main stone staircases.

Taking this experience as a guide, we’ve decided to launch this appeal along the same lines.

How your donation will be recognised

Here are some ways in which your donation could be recognised:

  • Seat in the new performance space £200 (individual brass name plate on seat backs)
  • Donations Wall (individual brass name plate on the entrance wall)
  • Standard plate (larger than a seat plate) £300
  • Medium plate (could acknowledge two names) £500
  • Large plate (could acknowledge four names) £1,000
  • Naming a studio £20,000 - £50,000 (donation varies with room size) 

How can I donate?

To make a gift, please contact:
Mark Featherstone-Witty, Founder
Mount Street,

Or, if you have any questions, just ring Mark on 0151 330-3000 or send him an e-mail at:
Cheques should be made payable to LIPA