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Applicants should apply to LIPA via our online portal.

We consider applications in the order they are submitted and close the course once it becomes full. We will update this course page on our website, when this Master's course becomes full and we are no longer considering applications for that year of entry.

Online portal January 2024 entry

What happens after I have applied?

Step 1: Our assessment of your applications

We'll review your application carefully and if we think you are on course to meet our entry requirements and depending on the number of applicants, we may send you a date to attend one of our interview events here in Liverpool. We aim to give you at least four weeks' notice of the interview event.

Step 2: Preparing for the interview

We send you interview guidelines to help you prepare yourself fully for the interview. In the downloads below, you will find guidelines for January 2024 entry.

MA Professional Practice Theatre and Drama Facilitation Interview Guidelines - January 2024 entry

Step 3: Attending an interview

​At your interview, we aim to give you a sense of what it's like to be a student here and how we teach. This helps you to decide whether we are a good fit for you. We know interviews are nerve-wracking so your best approach is to prepare by reading our guidelines carefully and as soon as possible after you receive them. At your interview, we're interested in finding out about you as an individual, so please try to relax, be yourself and enjoy yourself on the day.

Step 4: Communicating our decision

We aim to let you know our decision within two working weeks of the interview. Although, some decisions may not be made until all candidates have been seen. The decision might be:

  • An unconditional offer of a place
  • A conditional offer based on exam results or further assessed work
  • A notification that your application has been unsuccessful

Our decision will be final. We do not supply feedback to unsuccessful candidates. In many cases, a lack of success is due to the level of competition for places, rather than a specific personal weakness.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions about this course, or our admissions process, please contact or phone +44 (0)151 330 3084. For international enquiries please contact our international team on or phone +44 151 330 3118.